Witch Carmina , 1975 year of birth    

The witch - the one that has understanding, knowledge; sorceress, witch, enchantress— a woman practicing magic (witchcraft), as well as possessing magical powers and knowledge. 

Have the greatest and at the same time hard gift, a Mage of the Highest Category, qualified in all aspects of Magic ( Spiritual, Physical, Mental, White and Black Magic ). You can not worry for the reliability, professionalism and anonymity is fully in my power to promise you. 
I hear from many that it is now fashionable to be threatening the Magician, evokes a chill in the image, menacing tone, black tone... But I don't live for fashion, I live by the laws received the Gift and like – I differ with your kindness and level of dedication, that is why my conscience will never allow any of you to be intimidated or let down. 

My years of experience allows us to guarantee that each method will be chosen individually and the impact will be on high level.


Diagnose : on ancient maps and Taro, hue, wax, on bones, using the power relationship, pictures, sand divination, charcoal, natural divination. 

Honest MAG is a honest actions, not words:

- do not accept payment via electronic payment systems
- no fictional names
- money back guarantee in case of no result
- do not think of the situation and justification that require new investment 
- do not disappear with the when, because I care about everyone who trusted me with their fate 
 I call a specific time frame, provide a complete description of all stages of exposure, lead each to full effect by adjusting the impact of and directing all the power in the right direction

My magical gift and own methodology proven for decades, you have every reason to seek help now, do not delay your problem for tomorrow.


"We have been given life with the indispensable condition bravely to defend it to the last minute."

- diagnosis, divination, reading

- work with karmic nodes

- cleaning of karma

- removing negativity, evil eye

- any kind of work with channels and chakras

- open a second road to avoid big trouble spelled out on your life

- the business of magic in full

- the whole area of love magic, harmonization, block rivals, the restoration of relations, establish a program, causing a feeling of the object; sexual binding as with the destruction and preservation of marriage; rituals on marriage, opening the channels of love; love spells of any complexity, including own generic methods.

rituals for success and luck, activate the cash flow

- correct and remove the effects of the other specialists

- my programs are not removed other professionals – use of hereditary castles


I am not provided the full range of my services magical assistance, you can contact me for any questions that are beyond the scope of explained: magic.karmina@gmail.com 


"Falling is part of life, to rise to his feet — its accommodation. To be alive is a gift, and to be happy — it's your choice." (C)

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Mage of the highest category Sergius was born in 1958 

Hereditary witch by his father. First of all appreciate in people honesty.

Only Personal reception – remote assistance is not provided. There is no power that would allow us to work so hard. Personal receptions are conducted daily, on holiday time absolutely no – and it is necessary as air. In addition to methods a huge amount of effort is spent on rituals. I'll be honest – I have absolutely no time to process email, spend guessing on the distance. But I will be happy to receive you personally.

For White Magic is strictly take on the growing moon to 15:00

On Black Magic take from 18:00 to 23:00

You can sign up in any convenient way.

I trust each of you, which is why personal techniques I have do not have prices. You may pay with the white forces as you wish, and with the dark forces in fact carried out the session.

Owned almost all the types of magic:

rituals for good luck, business rites

- removal of corruption, negativity, eliminate incorrectly imposed programs

- independently make and speak amulets, amulets in your presence

- love magic, love spell, the elimination of rivals

- fruitive work

- opening of channels

white and black magic


Rules :

minors accepted only in the presence of parents or Trustees

I'm not a healer, don't cure addictions, not help in weight loss

- not doing a deal with the devil

- don't do love spells, if you do not see any lines


My personal e-mail : sergiy.mag@mail.ru

Please write only important messages relating to recording or advice on personal techniques.


I'm not going to promise you to conquer the universe, I'm not omnipotent. But I can promise to do everything in the forces of Magic.